Who doesn't love free, right?

But don't be fooled about the free stuff on this membership site. FREE on this site doesn't equal valueless (or of such little value that I'd have a hard time even charging $1).

You see, although I love and adore money (and write love notes to money on a monthly basis), I am NOT motivated by the dollar.

I'm motivated by purpose. And service. And gratitude. And joy. And laughter. And sharing. And teaching. And wisdom. And brilliance. And inspiration.

Whether it's a free ebook, a checklist, a guidebook, a workbook, an audio recording, or an infographic (or anything else that I put on this membership site), it's for the sole purpose of helping you crush your excuses so you can amplify your impact, boost your self-confidence, connect with your calling - - and remember who you are and what you came here to do.

I'm about helping you do you. Brilliantly. Awesomely. Amazingly. Bravely. Unapologetically.

So bookmark this website and come and visit often.

Getting Around

This is a site dedicated to various freebies, handouts, and give-aways.  You'll see the top navigation buttons so just click on the item you want to explore.

Brilliant ebooks

I have loads of books that are now in the public domain. These books are on topics of prosperity, health, happiness - - but most importantly, MINDSET. You've heard the phrase, "Change you thinking, change your life?" Well, that's what these free ebooks are all about.

Evenutally, I'll have some of my own ebooks here as well.

Tremendous Tips and Tools

I love tips and tricks. All of the things I'll put under this section I've actually used myself. In fact, I first create them for myself and love them so much that I decide to offer them to others.

I've used these tools, checklists, and guides to help me:

  • identify where my mind monkeys were running the show on a daily basis so I knew where to start to change my thinking and beliefs
  • eliminate and change self-sabotaging behaviors and habits and establish new ones
  • clarify the way I want my life to look on a day-by-day basis
  • follow-through on goals and actions so I could see real progress forward
  • Initiate some self-care / self-love practices that elevated my joy and feelings of worthiness
  • ...and more!

Amazing Audios

The majority of audios could almost be considered podcasts, but I recorded these wayyyy before there were podcasts. I was ahead of my time!

A Living Website

I plan on updating this website on a regular basis (but don't count on it being updated daily! I'm not that energetic!)

But when I find good stuff, I'll add it.

So, bookmark this page and check back often.

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